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Law Ukraine

In May 2012 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law "On Sea Ports of Ukraine”, which calls to regulate on the new level relations in the area of ??the port activities and provide effective functioning of port industry of Ukraine in the conditions of current market environment and as well to ease the work of private investors in Ukrainian ports. This law defines patterns of port infrastructure privatization. Section 25 of the Law states that land within the port may be in the state, communal and private property. Thus we can assume that the land question, which was a hindrance to attracting foreign investments (primarily from investment banks) is solved. Sections 26 and 27 of the Law call to encourage private investments and to protect such investments. In particular, provision on the right to direct port charges for the purposes of compensation of investments into strategic assets of port infrastructure is of interest. The idea of private investment of strategic facilities is extremely useful and requires greater mutual interest of both the state and private investors. This will promote the development of contracts, which formalize public-private partnership.

The People's Deputies call for amending the Trade Navigation Code of Ukraine

The relevant Bill (Reg. No. 3672) is being considered in the Committee on Transport and Connections.  
The authors deem necessary to adopt the amendments to the Trade Navigation Code of Ukraine with regard for the fact that its structure, contents, correlation of regulations and standards correspond to the situation of early 90th in Ukraine.
However, for the last 12 years the structure of sea and river transport and its management, effective legislation of Ukraine and international legal regulations of trade navigation have experienced profound changes. Nevertheless, the Trade Navigation Code has not been amended for this period of time.   
The amendments to the Trade Navigation Code aim at setting it in accordance with changes in legislation and particular statements and regulations of modern functioning practice of sea and river transport. The Bill also aims at adaptation of Ukrainian transport legislation to the European standards and at coordination with international legal regulations of trade navigation.
The Bill envisages setting the demand on legislative level concerning obligatory receipt of the International Marine Organization Identification Number by the vessels and navigation companies, more accurate definition of the technical inspection procedure, issue of the vessel´s documents.  
The authors propose a new modern definition of the term "sea port" and a number of articles that regulate the issues of management and State monitoring in the port, legal relations between the bodies of management, control and monitoring of the economic entities in the field of activity in the port.
The Bill also introduces the amendments to those statements of the Code that regulate commercial activity of the trade navigation subjects. 
The most part of the introduced amendments aim at unification of terminology used in the text of the Code, its coordination with other legislative acts of Ukraine or international agreements of Ukraine in the field of trade navigation.
Ukraine Law  - Parliament of Ukraine